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"A Summer in Paris!" 1-week Culinary Class (Summer 2018)

Call 228-861-8191 to register

THE GIFTED SCHOOL: (1-week Summer Culinary Arts Program) Ages 6 & UP

JUNE 4-8; 5:00-6:30

One week filled with learning top-notch culinary fundamentals taught by Renée's Executive Chef. From the Market to the Kitchen, youth will experience all 5 senses that make up the foundation of Culinary Art. All classes begin with prayer. Culinary students will work alongside Chef Renée in this fun, five-day course. Young chefs will practice essential kitchen skills and master the fundamentals of cooking. Kids will enjoy working alongside Chef Renée learning exciting hands-on techniques taught in a fully-equipped Culinary Art Studio!  Call 228-861-8191 to register.  Limited spaces.

The Gifted School: A Christian-based Education of Fine Arts is a culinary fine arts program designed to enrich the lives of youth through hands-on culinary art education.  The Gifted School offers courses throughout the school year taught in a fully-equipped Culinary Art Studio.  Classes are structured for one-on-one instruction from Chef Renée of Renée's Fine Dessert Restaurant & Coffee Bar.